Association for Renovation of Hosei University 55' & 58' Buildings  

Hosei University, Building 1955-58

With over 130 years since Hosei University was founded it is one of Japan's oldest universities. In the damage of the second world war most of it's buildings disappeared.

After the war, Japan planned it's regeneration as a newly democratic country. Ouchi Hyoue, then president and famous economist, planned a new school building suitable for a campus in the free and democratic era. The result was Building 1955-58 at Tokyo, Ichigaya's Hosei University campus. The two parts of the building were designed by Ohe Hiroshi, an architect and professor in the architecture department at the time, and completed in 1955 and 1958.

The building's international architectural style (curtain wall with black steel sash which shapes the beautiful, rhythmical facade) was unusual for a Japanese university at that time and earned a good reputation.

Over the last 50 years since this building was completed it has become known as the much-loved symbol of Hosei University. However, this year the university authorities have announced plans to have it demolished and replaced with a tasteless building.

It is our strong hope that this prize-winning building, currently the oldest at Hosei University, will not be destroyed but renewed and continue to be used.

 Association for the Renovation of Hosei University's Building 1955-58.



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